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  2. Greetings, Lazarus. I am requesting Diplomatic Status as ambassador for Europe. I am in Lazarus for I've been assigned to this region by my Foreign Office. I am not replacing an ambassador, the seat was vacant. Currently I am not considering opening an embassy, but I'm leaving this option open. Thank you for your attention. Reorganised Europa, Nea Europa
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  4. Tug of War

  5. What's on your mind?

    Why is my wine glass empty?
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  7. Last One to Post Wins

  8. Citizenship Application

    Welcome to Lazarus! I will get you masked here soon.
  9. Lazarus Nation Name: Chodean Kal Link to World Assembly nation (if any): Dalimbar Link to Main Nation if any: Dalimbar How did you find out about Lazarus?: Heard about you guys in 2004. Please describe your history on NationStates: Your friendly neighbourhood drunk uncle/couper. How long have you played NationStates: Since July 2004. Please state which District you wish to reside in. You may only choose one: -- Diplomacy District Regions you are and have been involved in: Currently: Osiris and TWP as residents. Previously: TNP, NPO, TEP, TSP, Balder, TRR, ASE, Scroll Islands, Meritocracy, AUN, Gay, and others that I can't remember right now. Any crimes you may have committed in those regions and others: Couped or have helped coup TNP, TEP, Osiris, TWP. Other names you may go by in NationStates: Lady Anastasia, Mazrim Rahl. From this time forward, Dalimbar, voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people in NationStates affairs, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.
  10. Diplomat Application: Sergey Kirovich

    I can confirm that Mr. Kirovich is my permanent replacement.
  11. Last One to Post Wins

    I agree.
  12. Last One to Post Wins

    Mmph mmph mmph. MMPH. Mmph.
  13. Empress LoA

    Thank you for the update. Best wishes to the Empress.
  14. I choose the diplomacy district at this time.
  15. Diplomat Application: Sergey Kirovich

    Transdavisia is your region's current representative here. Are you replacing them?
  16. What region are you representing: The Communist Bloc Reason for being in Lazarus: Assigned as Ambassador-at-large for Lazarus Are you replacing another Ambassador: Possibly, none of our ambasadors for Lazarus are active. If so, which ambassador will you replace: Are you considering opening an Embassy: Already have one.
  17. Empress LoA

    The Empress shall be taking a leave of absence for medical reasons. She is projected to return February 20, 2018. Crown Prince Smith VerinGuard shall be in charge until Empress Rach's return. For citizens, please view the following: http://forums.thegalacticorder.com/topic/10423138/1/#new. For any questions, please contact the government via discord or telegram.
  18. Districts: Military, Diplomacy
  19. I would like to join the diplomacy district please.
  20. Help Design a Logo!

    I think it should be something unique. Vox Populi = Voice of the people. I was thinking more red theme.
  21. Help Design a Logo!

    I think if we follow with the sorta theme the header has? Those sorta colours and maybe use the pheonix(?) thing on it somewhere? I was thinking we could use that a fair bit, if not that then the symbol on our flag would be cool as well!
  22. Only the legislature requires a district commitment.
  23. Help Design a Logo!

    Hey folks! It's Imki, you're friendly neighbourhood artist here to ask y'all to help us come up with a shiny new logo for our newspaper, Vox Populi! You don't need to be able to draw (although sketches and doodles won't be rejected either!), just make a suggestion for what you think would be a great symbol for our news outlet and I'll do my best to make it a reality!
  24. Sorry to do this but I'd like to resign from my district and remain just a regular citizen in the region. If being a citizen requires being in a district then I'll just be a resident. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
  25. Count to 10000

  26. The President has Resigned

    Thank you for the update. We wish Rach and Europeia the best of luck in regard to those events.
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