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  1. I choose the diplomacy district at this time.
  2. VOTE: Amendment to the Constitution

  3. PASSED: The Chol Covenant Treaty

  4. Proposal: The Chol Covenant (TWP)

    Strongly support, obviously.
  5. PASSED: Repeal XYZ Treaty

  6. PASSED: Repeal the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation

  7. Discussion regarding terms and election cycles

    I think the cycle of electing 2 seats every two months, while still having the term be 4 months, is a very good idea. It keeps things fresh and elections frequent, but not too frequent, while still allowing a High Sepulchre enough time to leave their mark. Full support.
  8. Amendment Regarding New Forum

    Obviously seconded.
  9. Imperia Citizen Application

    I vouch for the information provided.
  10. Due to the osupport by TRR, RIA, and TSP that they have expressed for enemies of the region, I don't see how we have any other options but to repeal. This has my support as well.