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  1. Citizenship Application

    Accepted. Welcome to Lazarus!
  2. Updated Citizenship Application

    Accepted. Welcome to Lazarus!
  3. I am joining the Cultural District.
  4. An address to Lazarus

    Greetings, fellow Lazarenes. I would like to make a quick address to all members of Lazarus on the occasion of these momentous changes that have just been made to the Constitution by our High Sepulchre. Firstly, however, I would like to review the past several months briefly as it has been a good start to the year for us! Between the approval of our treaties with Balder and The West Pacific, we have been rolling right along and expanding our international reach. We have also been steadily increasing our post count on the forum and the number of people who are actively engaging us both gameside and on the forums. I am now at over 250 nations endorsing Funkadelia, which is nearing a peacetime record that was set last July. Some of our more committed members, such as Treadwellia have kept the polls rolling and the RMB discussion lively in Lazarus. In the last week alone, we have had eight nations apply for citizenship in the region, which bodes well for our activity in future. This recent increase in citizenship coincides opportunely with these recent changes to the constitution, which is the main focus of this address today. In case not everyone had been following the affairs of the High Sepulchre all too closely, there have been some serious changes made to the constitution as of late. I can't go over every matter line by line in this post alone, so for more information, please go ahead and read the Constitution for yourself. I will highlight however, some of the more important changes that have been made. Prime among these is the creation of the Directorate. From this moment on, Lazarus will retain the King as the Head of State and supreme executive, but we will also have an elected Head of Government that is elected by the Assembly. The elected Head of Government, the Viceroy, will head the Directorate, which consists of Governors of the various Districts. These districts are almost identical in function to the Cathedrals of the Undead Dominion, and the Governors serve the same role as the Necromancers of old. This new manner of government will retain our considerable stability when it comes to gameside affairs, but will also allow for an active and dynamic internal forum government scene that we have been needing as of late. In addition, we have also opened up our legislature. Now, any citizen who commits themselves for a district and actively contributes to it for two weeks (as well as during their time serving as a legislator) will become a full voting member of the Assembly, Lazarus' legislature. The Speaker of the Assembly will also be elected on a regular basis. In regards to Districts, they serve as the Cathedrals that we used to have, as I mentioned before. However, now, all citizens wishing to become a legislator must now commit themselves to one when they become a citizen. By doing so, they declare "this is the realm of regional affairs that I'm most interested in, and will contribute to it on a regular basis." This marks a syncretism of various forms of government we have employed in the past, and we hope that this will energize everyone a little bit more, now that we have opened up several new avenues for contribution and advancement in the region. In the immediate term, I need to address some issues with filling the several vacancies in the government. As King, I still wield executive control, and I will be taking charge of all affairs for the time being, until we can fill the vacancies. In the meantime, I hereby reaffirm Aleister's authority to accept citizenship applications as imbued to me by the Constitution. The first thing we will do in terms of our Assembly is electing a Speaker. Once roughly half of our current citizens have joined the Assembly, I will conduct a Speaker election using a similar format to our High Sepulchre elections so that we can get things rolling from the start. Once the Speaker is elected, the Speaker will conduct an election under the same format to elect the Viceroy. Once we have a fully functioning government, we can continue operating as normal. Thank you all for your support and cooperation, and I am confident that we are about to begin a new era in Lazarus history.
  5. Application by His Rotund Immensity

    Participate for the next couple of weeks, and then you will have full legislator rights!
  6. Everyone up to this point has been processed and is now a legislator.
  7. Application by His Rotund Immensity

    Yay, Tubbius! Accepted, of course!
  8. Elections Act

    This law is considered obsolete due to recent changes to the Constitution.
  9. Sepulchre Procedures Act

    This law is considered obsolete due to recent changes to the Constitution.
  10. Osiris Oracle - Issue Four

    I love that format! It looks great. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Citizenship Application

    Join Lazarus today! For the purpose of this application: "Lazarus Nation Name" is defined as your nation that resides in Lazarus. "Main Nation" is defined as the nation you use most often in NationStates. "World Assembly Nation" is defined as your nation that is in the World Assembly. You will be required to give the following information in your application: Your Lazarus Nation Name. Link to World Assembly nation (if any). Your choice of District to join. A brief history of your time in NationStates Oath. Note: If you do not wish to join a District straight away, you are not required to choose one at the moment. However, keep in mind that if you do not join a District you will not be eligible to become a legislator in our Assembly. Please copy-and-paste this template into your application thread, and make sure to fill out all the questions: -:- Click here to post a new application thread -:- Also, don't forget to create an introduction thread in the Getting Started in Lazarus forum - it helps us learn more about you!
  12. Edict of Lazarene Law and Order

    The Edict of Lazarene Law and Order was amended on the following dates: February 12, 2018
  13. Due to the Constitutional changes put into effect on February 12, 2018, all current citizens are now required to choose a District that they will remain involved in to retain Assembly voting rights. All current citizens seeking Assembly membership must choose a district from the following list and remain active within it in order to retain voting rights. The Cultural District (Internal affairs, regional newspaper, cultural events, etc.) The Diplomacy District (Foreign affairs) The Military District (Citizens may participate in this District as well as another, if they so choose) Simply reply to this post with your preferred district(s) and you will be processed.
  14. Count to 10000

  15. Count to 10000