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    I can confirm that Mr. Kirovich is my permanent replacement.
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    Congratulations on behalf of TCB to Lazarus for these reforms recently passed!
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    January Foreign Update Regional Statistics WA Delegate: Micha Population: 942 30-Day Change: +7% Endorsements: 267 Endorsement Rate: 28.3% Government General Secretary: Trabardia Premier: Marcella Cheval Chief of Staff: Martyn Kiryu Minister of Domestic Affairs: Nathaniel Penrose Minister of Information: Lewis Flood Minister of Culture: Tarrin Kael Minister of Foreign Affairs: An Xiu Minister of Intelligence: Vlad Schpilkes Chief Justice: M.M. People’s Tribunal: M.M. Tarrin Kael Martyn Kiryu Sergey Kirovich Monicchey Premier: Marcella Cheval(PP) Central Committee: Glorious Leader (PP) Vlad Schpilkes (PP) M.M. (PP) Dimitry Cardenas (PP) Tarrin Kael (Ind.) An Xiu (Ind.) Majority: People’s Party Minority: No Organized Opposition News Trabardia Delivers State of the Bloc Address By Vlad Schpilkes, Minister of Intelligence and Member of the Central Committee After being elected with a small majority in the runoff election in January, General Secretary Trabardia issued his State of the Bloc Speech. He spoke of broad changes in the functioning of Ministries, and the continuation policies that were already working. The speech was received well by the Citizens and the Central Committee. The Central Committee voted unanimously to approve the speech. The Members of the CC were pleased that the Executive was on board with reforming the way the Premier is determined. Many of the goals outlined in the speech are currently in the process of being fulfilled, while other goals await implementation. The full text of the speech can be found below: “Ms. Premier, Members of the Central Committee, fellow Citizens of the Communist Bloc, This region is and always have been progressive. Since our founding by Kovatsk in 2014, we have always been seeking new ways to build upon our region, improve the efficiency of our government, and make sure that the region is united in opposition to fascism. The fact that the region is ever-changing is demonstrated when you notice that none of the original “Founding Five” are no longer active. The new will be replaced by the old, and it is what the region has been built on. The Communist Bloc is in a constant state of change and reform, and my Administration is just one among the many leaders that will influence the largest leftist region in the world over the next few years. Anyone who believes that we can rely on the continued activity of those who run our region right now for an extended period of time is wrong. This speech will reflect the ever-growing need for integration, communication, and planning across every level of government. With that said, I would like to present to you now the goals that my Administration and I have set for the region in the coming two months: The region will see a population increase of over one hundred nations, with our secondary goal being at over 1,000 nations. This increase in recruitment will be supplied by an upcoming stamp donation competition organized by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. The processing of citizenship applications will be at a much faster rate while still maintaining the policy of holding during elections. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, will publish and distribute two Foreign Updates during the term (one for January, one for February) to inform our allies of regional happenings. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will successfully negotiate the joining of at least one interregional leftist alliance. The Ministry of Information will continue to publish a daily news summary in the News and Announcements forum for all to see. An additional Saturday news update that is more in-depth, featuring opinion articles, will be published every Saturday. The Ministry of Information will close inactive news outlets as well as reaching out to former publishers of news outlets in an effort to reopen formerly closed outlets. The Ministry of Culture will be expanding its activities into multiplayer games, and a public opinion poll has already been posted in the Ministry’s forum. The Ministry of Culture will support the Nation RP and develop guides to help those new to roleplaying post and start roleplays themselves. The MoC will also be helping with developing the upcoming International Summit. The Ministry of Intelligence will be taking down fascist regions from the inside, weakening the ability of those fascists to spread their influence across NationStates. The Ministry of Defense will be training new PRAF soldiers and conducting operations to defeat fascists on the battlefield whenever possible. In addition to the goals that the Ministries of the Executive Branch have set for themselves, the Administration has several key legislative goals for this term: Long Live the Revolution! Long Live the People’s Republic! Long Live the Bloc!” An opinion article were released in the Ministry of Information Daily News, written by Lewis Flood. It can be found at https://bloc.red/index.php?threads/moi-daily-news.4057/#post-43914. Newunfoundland Dissolves into Anarchy after Embargo by PRC, Nexit By Trabardia, General Secretary - Featured in the Saturday News This is breaking news, from the Ministry of Information headquarters in the heart of the Communist Bloc. The electorate of Newunfoundland passed a referendum last week to sever all ties with the Communist Bloc, as citizens and their government grew increasingly dissatisfied with the globalist tendencies of the People’s Roleplay Council (PRC) and its laws. Almost all voters voted to leave the Bloc, with the “Leave” option resulting in 98.003% of the vote -- more than two billion people. While the politicians of Newunfoundland campaigned and argued for either side, the international representatives at the People’s Roleplay Council debated on a resolution to embargo the islands following their renunciation of the Manifesto of Sentient Rights Act 2017 -- specifically clause (5), which gives all sentient entities the rights covered under the Act. The embargo was enforced by the four nations of Radicalania, Stigae, Trabardia, and Ubertas with aircraft and navy vessels surrounding the island. The blockade was resisted by the Newunfoundland Navy and civilian vessels. Around five days into the embargo, an unusually powerful earthquake was felt for 10 minutes across most of the islands of Newunfoundland. An hour later, the largest volcano in the country erupted in its biggest eruption in 2 million years. The ash cloud was enormous, and most of the embargo forces escaped the destruction. However, the loss of multiple naval vessels was reported by several nations participating in the embargo. The Ministry of Information remembers these brave soldiers that fought for their country, no matter the cause, and sought for peace and prosperity for all in the Bloc. TCB severs ties with the USSD By Nathaniel Penrose, Minister of Domestic Affairs As much of the world knows, the People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc is committed to the extrication of the cancers of Fascism and Capitalism from the NationStates community. Noting this, it was not surprise when the Executive Cabinet wanted to take action against the region known as the United Soviet Socialist Dictatorship when the Minister of Foreign Affairs (hereafter MoFA), informed us that their leader had fascist ties. Although slightly skeptical at first, after reviewing the evidence (which was in the form of a discord chat between USSD founder Vetelo and the founder of Kaissereich), given to MoFA by members of other leftist regions, we knew that action needed to be taken. Our desire to act quickly came as a result of our regional laws, which mandates the closure of our embassies and the termination of diplomacy of any fascist aligned nation. Due to the Vetelo’s de facto autocratic control of the region and his seemingly Stalinist cult of personality we deemed it fair to judge the region itself as fascist rather than just him. Subversive efforts led by General Secretary Trabardia took place as a result on Wednesday, January 31st. These efforts mainly consisted of creating an API telegram system that would forewarn new USSD members of their leader’s ties, and releasing the evidence to the TCB, USSD, and the allies of the USSD. At 1800 Bloc Time, the members of the Executive Cabinet gathered and triggered the termination of our embassy with the USSD (executed by WAD Micha), the activation of the API system (also executed by WAD Micha), and the sending of the evidence to the USSD and their allies (executed by Minister of Culture Tarrin Kael). Further subversive activity included spreading awareness and debating the merit of the evidence on the USSD RMB (from which we are now banned). On the home front, Minister of Domestic Affairs Nathaniel Penrose instituted new immigration policies regarding citizenship applicants emigrating from the USSD, and border policing efforts for the safety and security of the People’s Republic. Our collective efforts have resulted in the Executive Cabinet being declared “enemies of the state” by Vetelo, and seemingly forced him into a state of paranoia. While at the moment our actions seem vindicated, should new evidence arise pointing to Vetelo’s innocence we would immediately apologize and seek to repair our diplomacy. Elections, Elections, Elections: General Secretary, PRC, and Tribunal Elections held Back-To-Back By Lewis Flood, Minister of Information General Secretary After a close first round, and an even closer runoff, Trabardia has been elected as the new General Secretary of the Communist Bloc. He has announced his new cabinet, along with giving his inaugural speech. Peoples’ Roleplay Council The election to the People’s Roleplay Council has concluded, with every candidate winning a participation medal seat! The elected members are Tarrin Kael, Lewis Flood, Vlad Schpilkes, Martyn Kiryu, and An Xiu. Peoples’ Tribunal The people have spoken! (in a confirmation vote) and the new People's Tribunal has been elected. The new sitting members will hear important civil and criminal cases over the coming months, and will help shape the region’s legal future. Along with the listed elections, the Central Committee confirmed Marcella Cheval as the new Premier, and the PRC confirmed Tarrin Kael as President. First International Summit Begins By Trabardia, General Secretary - Featured in the Saturday News Ministry of Information Headquarters, The Communist Bloc - Live from the MoI headquarters, we bring you the news on the upcoming First International Bloc Summit, where the official nomination period for the Summit’s host city has begun. The International Summit was first announced to the nations of the Bloc and their representatives in the People’s Roleplay Council yesterday via a message from Mikhail Andrews, President of Trabardia and General Secretary of the Communist Bloc. All nations have been invited to participate in the Summit, regardless of past diplomatic conflicts or wars. The first phase of the Summit, picking a host city, is already underway. Nations may nominate a city within their borders to become the official Host City after providing background on its culture, history, and transportation methods. After the nomination and campaigning period, a regional poll will be held to determine the winner. The second phase of the International Summit is the creation of an agenda. International representatives will gather in the host city to create an agenda for the Summit to discuss over the course of the event. Following this, the representatives with discuss the ideas set on the agenda, table any useless discussions, and go forward with further discussing ideas that could be made into legislation. This leads us into the second-to-last phase, where the representatives of the Summit will take the most important issues discussed and turn them into pieces of legislation to send to the People’s Roleplay Council to debate. Lastly, the host nation will display the host city’s culture in a tour of the city’s landmarks. Stamp Competition By Trabardia, General Secretary Following the release of his opening statement, Minister of Domestic Affairs Nathaniel Penrose announced a new telegram stamp drive/competition to boost the regional population. In addition, to this competition, the Minister posted a revised Stamp Donation Guide. Throughout the term, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs is expected to expand into manual recruitment as well. The recent recruitment efforts are largely a result of the Trabardia Administration’s aggressive stance on gaining and integrating new nations. In the State of the Bloc Address (see first article), the General Secretary firmly stated that the region would see a 100-nation population increase at the least. Headlines Ministry of Information starts MoI Daily News PRAF takes control of the South, among other regions General Secretary signs Line of Succession Act 2018, EO #12, and 13th Constitutional Amendment into law B’hala and Ubertas co-announce new space program Ministry of Culture starts multiplayer games back up and introduces the new concept of play-by-post forum games CC debates two bills, including the World Assembly Vote Reform Act and the Vice-Delegate Act 2018 Region supports Sour Cream and Onion as it’s chip flavor of choice Memes Special Thanks Comrades abroad, I wanted to take this time to thank you for taking your time to read up on our regional happenings. It is my hope that in the coming months, the relationship between our regions will flourish into something greater, where we share a common goal. Lastly, I’d like to thank the following people for contributing to the production of this Administration’s first Foreign Update: Nathaniel Penrose, Vlad Schpilkes, and Lewis Flood. This update certainly wouldn’t be possible without their work. Thank you, Trabardia General Secretary
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