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Start Your Own Column!

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Voices of Lazarus is our region's very own column center, created for all citizens who wish to begin their own, regular column. Voices of Lazarus is for those that enjoy doing one of the following:


  • Write about their nation's happenings

  • Write opinion pieces on NationStates or regional happenings

  • Write short stories or real-life oriented pieces

  •  Write about specific topics or issues

The idea is to allow citizens to regularly establish their own columns that they issue at least once a month or more, giving them the freedom to write about what they want, when they want. If this gets off the ground and we start getting people involved and have regular columns, I'd like to start rotating columns into our actual Gazette releases essentially creating a "Voice of the Month" regular addition. This will be a trial and error type of thing, but we're all excited to get this going and see what everyone has to write about!

To apply to open your own column, please fill-out the form below and answer the questions with as much detail as possible with a reply to this thread.


What is the name of your column?

How often do you intend on issuing releases for your column?

What will be the primary subject matters that your column aims to address (be as specific as possible)? 

Do you have any examples of similar things that you've written that relate to what your column will be?

NOTE: It's important that those establishing columns keep it active. If you have an idea for an opinion piece or any niche type of writing that you don't see yourself doing after one issue, please contact the Gazette Staff so they can include you in their process instead. This is for those who intend to release a column at least once a month.

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