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Arcana Astavia

Citizenship Application

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Lazarus Nation Name: Dalboul

Link to World Assembly nation (if any): https://www.nationstates.net/roberdian

Link to Main Nation if any: https://www.nationstates.net/roberdian

How did you find out about Lazarus?: My nation which I revived was in this region.


Please describe your history on NationStates: I have been actively involved with The Galactic Order, was their former Noble and current Senator.

How long have you played NationStates: Been playing for 6 months now.

Please state which District you wish to reside in. You may only choose one:
-- Cultural District (Manages Lazarene culture, roleplay and other activities in the region, and manages the regional newspaper.)
-- Diplomacy District (Manages affairs with other regions in NationStates. Those seeking to become an Ambassador to another region reside here.)
-- The Military District (Where our soldiers reside. If you choose this District, you may participate in this District as well as one of the other ones. If you choose this one, you must fill out a separate application that will be sent to you if your citizenship application is accepted. 

Diplomatic District 

Regions you are and have been involved in: TGO, Kingdom of Great Britain, Dythinia

Any crimes you may have committed in in those regions and others: No

Other names you may go by in NationStates: Arcana Astavia

From this time forward, Arcana Arche-Mountbatten, voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people in NationStates affairs, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

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