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The President has Resigned

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  4. (Europeia, February 12, 2018) - Public attention to presidential inactivity had been stoked with the publication of an anonymous submission to the E-News Network, titled "Are Things Actually Happening?" The article accused the Executive branch of inactivity and a lack of work toward the goals delineated in President Rach's campaign.
  6. Four days later, President Rach posted a challenge in the form of a crossword in the Republic Square, a forum known for informality, and which had seen great activity from the President. There, Supreme Chancellor Lethen voiced the accusation that the President was "spending more time making [Republic Square] threads and being on Discord than actually responding to the citizenry about concerns raised", defined as lack of direction of Ministers. Despite the growing anxiety of an inactive Presidency, still no explanation had been posted. President Rach quickly responded by attacking the Supreme Chancellor and Administrator. No apology was issued.
  8. As a result, Senate candidate United Vietussia posted in the Grand Hall urging for a petition to trigger a No Confidence Referendum, on the grounds that she had neglected the office of the Presidency, harshly attacked Supreme Chancellor and forum Administrator Lethen, shown more interest in Discord and the Republic Square than the Presidency, and failed to provide guidance to her Ministers. Most signatories included a rationale with their signatures, claiming that, although they would have given a chance to the president for the inactivity, the behaviour she has shown towards Lethen, as well as loss of confidence by her own Cabinet, was enough to justify a Vote of No Confidence.
  10. As 14 signatories had signed the No-Confidence petition out of 17 needed signatures to trigger the referendum, the effort was cut short as President Rach resigned in a speech named "Tears Come from the Heart". Explaining that the recent events the region has crossed had left her jaded, she denounced a game that made her feel "increasingly stressed and paranoid.". She went on to reveal she had been considering resignation and taking a break long before the Crossword Events due to other events including a stalking incident, claiming that "These past few weeks have been one of limbo and withdrawal for me, where I have debated whether I should take a break from the game/quit.".
  12. Vice President Malashaan immediately became President of Europeia upon Rach's resignation, and has already published a speech dubbed "Here We Are Again", where he declares "We need to take a long hard look at what we collectively want Europeia to be, as how we can best implement that". The new president has yet to appoint a new vice president to help lead the administration in its second half. Despite a shaken region, President Malashaan can count on an active Cabinet whose work he has complimented both in his speech as vice president and in his speech as president of Europeia.
  14. More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here.
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