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Elections Act

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The Undead Dominion of Lazarus

Elections Act

The High Sepulchre enacts:


Section I. Purposes
The purpose of this Act is to:
A. Formalize the rules of order for elections and special elections in the Undead Dominion
B. Establish a series of procedures for elections

Section II. Enaction
A. This Act comes into operation upon passage.


Section III. Election Commencement
A. An election process is required to be initiated within a reasonable amount of time after an elected position's term has ended.
B. A special election is an election initiated to fill an unplanned vacancy in an elected position and is held to the same standards and procedures as a regular election process.
C. The Regent is responsible for initiating all election processes, but may choose to delegate this responsibility to a citizen of the Undead Dominion.
D. A position is said to be vacant once an election cycle for that position has been started by the Regent or individual delegated the responsibility.

Section IV. Procedure
A. An election cycle will consist of three stages that span nine consecutive days and will be comprised of, in chronological order, a nomination period, a campaigning period, and a voting period each lasting three days respectively.
B. Eligible candidates must announce their intention and/or accept their nomination to stand for an election during the nomination period within the appropriate thread.
C. Campaigning may begin for a candidate immediately after standing for a position and may continue up until the end of the election cycle.

Section V. Voting
A. Voters will be allowed to cast a number of votes equal to one less than the number of seats vacant for a given position.
B. In the instances of a single seat vacancy, voters may only cast one vote.
C. A vote will be considered valid if it contains the favored candidates' names in a way where they can be easily understood.
D. Voters may cast any amount of their votes as an Abstain, but they will not be tallied towards the majority requirement for candidates.
E. Votes cast after the three day period or cast in an incomprehensible fashion, will be considered invalid. The Regent or designated individual will make these determinations when tallying the votes.
F. Candidates will be elected in the order of most votes received at the end of the voting period until all vacancies are filled.
G. If a voting period ends with candidates unable to meet a majority required to fill a vacancy, a new voting period will begin with the remaining candidates until the vacancy is filled. 

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